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My name is Kitty Forguson and I am the owner of Kitty's Dog Grooming. I can't remember not having the love of animals in my life. When I was 11 years old, my family rescued a severly abused poodle named Bridgett. No one could get near her except me, so my mother handed me a grooming book and a pair of clippers. With much patience and time I eventually mastered all known poodle patterns of grooming and Bridgett adapted so well she would literally fall asleep while I groomed her.


Bridgett, the rescued poodle I mentioned earlier, taught me so much, such as patience, understanding and how to calm animals down so that they actually enjoy being groomed. I soon began receiving request to groom pets of friends and family. It wasn't long before I had gained a positive reputation as a quality groomer. I have acquired over 30 years of dog grooming experience on numerous breeds since then, including but not limited to:


Coat conditioning, brushing, dematting, therapeutic bathing, fluff drying, grooming prep, hand stripping technigues, show ring styling and patterns, work with snap on clipper vac grooming and hyrdo spa, and so much more .

Professional Grooming

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Pets are my passion!

I am a Long time member of the 'Obedience Club of Daytona'. Fostering over 100 Golden Retrievers of 'Mid Fla Goldens'. Recipient of the "Hearts of Gold" Award from 'Pets by Judy'.


I feel very strongly that no pet should go without the proper healthcare and have donated the use of my building to the CCFAW.org once a month so that the Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare can provide low cost testing, shots medication alternatives to the public. This guarantees that the animals of Volusia County are well cared for.


With over 30 years experience I know that you will find my services more than adequate to pamper your pet, and because I take such pride in providing gentle care, I promise to pay special attention to your pet.


Bathing and grooming are an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Professional grooming on a regular basis helps reduce painful hair matting, excessive shedding and skin disorders and this allows us to look for things that may have gone unnoticed without closer inspection. We look at the skin, eyes & ears while grooming so we can pamper your pet to the max.