What We Offer

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Pet Grooming Day Spa

Our facility offers grooming services for all breeds of dogs, whether it's a show dog or not.. Remember that we offer different packages that can accomodate any breed style at an affordable price.



> Oatmeal Shampoo

> Flea Shampoo

> Oxy Med Shampoo

> EEP Conditioning

> Anti-Inflammatory Treatment

> Nail Clipping

> Ear Cleaning


With over 30 years experience I know that you will find my services more than adequate to pamper your pet, and because I take such pride in providing gentle care, I promise to pay special attention to your pet.


Don't forget to get those puppies to me as soon as they have completed thier shots so that I can do a "Jolly Routine" on them so they start a healthy grooming routine.


What We Offer

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Pet Pampering


Bathing and grooming are an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Professional grooming on a regular basis helps reduce painful hair matting, excessive shedding and skin disorders and this allows us to look for things that may have gone unnoticed without closer inspection. We look at the skin, eyes & ears while grooming so we can pamper your pet to the max. Don't forget we offer obedience training too.


My experience with Bridgett the poodle taught me some valuable life lessons. One those lessons is that all animals deserved to be loved, hence I believe all animals should be rescued rather than euthanized. As proof of my belief, I would like to honor those that adopt from local shelters or humane societies by offering the first grooming absolutely FREE for anyone who has adopted a pet this way. Just call me within 14 days of adoption and bring your adoption paperwork with you.


It's my way of saying "THANK YOU! since I firmly believe that all animals are worthy of being part of a loving family and will always hold owners of adopted pets in high regards for saving another deserving animal in our community.